When: Tuesday 30th October 7.30-9.30pm
The Boardroom at The Dominion Theatre, Nederlander House, 7 Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3NH

SDUK are proud to work in partnership with COMMON to address socio-economic inequality amongst opportunities and access for UK theatre directors, finding positive actions and interventions that will enable us to achieve greater class diversity.

This COMMON: GROUND event is exclusively aimed at stage directors who self-identify as working-class, and will offer a platform for directors to share the barriers to career progression that they face when building careers in theatre.

This research will then act as the foundation for COMMON and SDUK to begin developing positive actions and interventions, which will be shared with the wider theatre industry and help move towards eradicating the barriers faced by working-class directors across the sector.

The COMMON: GROUND event is free and open to both members and non-members of SDUK who self-identify as working-class, but it is essential that you book a place for the event.

Any member of SDUK who wish to attend but need help with travel expenses to do so can apply for the SDUK Bursary fund for Events. Please contact your Membership Engagement Officer Jemma for more details.


We will also be running a waiting list for this event, to be placed on it please email


WHERE: Boys Club, St Gabriel’s Church Hall Churchill GardensLondon SW1V 3AA
Whether sharing an idea for a new project or trying to express your point of view as an artist, we directors aren’t always the best at articulating ourselves in meetings with producers, artistic directors and potential collaborators. Sometimes just looking someone in the eye and talking about an idea for a new show feels like the hardest thing in the world.
Many of our members have expressed a desire to acquire skills around communicating their project ideas to the people who might make a difference. This workshop is dedicated to the practice of helping those you’re talking to get a sense of what you want to make and why you want to make it.
Workshop participants will be asked to bring an outline of a project which they’re excited about to the session which they’ll be invited to communicate to the group and to refine and sharpen through a series of exercises. Be prepared for a combination of practical hands-on work and a chance to share experiences and fears about bringing other people on board the development, commissioning or programming of your work. Lyndsey will aim to ensure that each project gets individual and specific intention. If you’d rather not offer up a project, you are welcome to observe others do so.
There is now a Stage Directors UK Bursary for any member who would like to attend this session but due to financial issues may not be able to cover travel expenses to attend. If this applies to you please do contact Jemma or Liz in the office.
Lyndsey Turner is an Associate Director of the National Theatre.