Time To Take Stock

The end of the year often seems to be time to take stock, to take an inventory. At SDUK that’s no different, and one of the things we have been taking stock of in the latter part of 2017, has been the gender split of directors employed in National Portfolio Organisations.

We undertook this research not to shame anyone, but to get the facts clear. Earlier this year many of our members raised concerns about gender bias within our arts council funded venues. In order to do anything we needed facts, and this is the start of us attempting to collect the data to see which theatres are doing well and which are falling short. We would like it to be part of a dialogue. We know from our own membership and from previous surveys that the workforce is made up of a 50 / 50 gender split working across all levels and sectors of the industry and so there should be no reason for theatres not employing women within their seasons.

To read more on our report you can click here

or here The Stage Report

2017 has ended with me taking a national tour of 10 theatres across the UK to meet with emerging directors. It has been incredibly useful to meet so many directors (probably around 100 directors – I lost count!) and to get to grips with some of the challenges there are for those starting out. The tour around the UK has also help me solidify plans for a more extensive network of support for SDUK members based outside of London. I’ll be presenting my plans to the SDUK board in the new year, and in the spring, and hope to roll out the new initiative shortly after.

We also have two new working parties launching in the new year, and we’ll be calling on members to get involved with those.

We hope everyone has a restful break, and we look forward to working with you in 2018.

All best


Thomas Hescott / Executive Director