SDUK Mentoring Scheme Launched

In August 2016 we launched our pilot mentoring scheme offering support and guidance for Mid-Career directors. It is now up and running.

We were overwhelmed with the response and the clear need for mentoring expressed by directors.

The applications revealed that Directors at this level are obviously feeling deeply isolated and unsupported by the industry. While there are excellent schemes, opportunities and programmes for emerging directors , these opportunities disappear for directors with more than ten years of experience. The lack of transparency in the industry when it comes to employing directors was also a key issue raised by our applicants.

We all know that there is no magic formula or a ladder taking you on the perfect career trajectory, but working in isolation, as a lot of directors do, can mean that the mysteries of our industry can start to weigh heavy.

This pilot mentoring scheme has been set up to directly tackle this, offering support for directors by directors. This scheme doesn’t promise to answer all the questions raised but will offer space for those questions to be explored.

We are full of admiration for those who have applied to this scheme with such openness and honesty, and we are enormously grateful to those busy directors who have generously offered their time to mentor the applicants, individually and in small groups.

The mentors we are currently working with are: Justin Audibert, Sam Brown, Lucy Bailey, Dominic Cooke, Kirstie Davis, Jeremy Herrin, Jemima Levick, James Macdonald, Phelim McDermott, Kerry Michael, Kate Saxon, Melly Still, Stephen Unwin.

Read Caroline Williams’ Blog on the Home Page about being mentored by Phelim McDermott and look out for other reports on the webite over the next weeks and months.

For those who didn’t get on this year’s scheme, we hope to launch another one next year. But don’t forget that SDUK is committed to bringing directors together at our training events, meet-ups and online via our brilliant members only Facebook  group which is proving to be a great space for directors to discuss important issues.

We are all in this together, you are not alone!

Sophie Austin

Chair, Training & Development Committee