NB. Not all SDUK members are listed. Some have chosen to be ex-directory. Not all members have added a photo to their profile – but you can click through to their website if the small ‘hand’ icon appears over their name.

Bernadette GrimmettBernadette Grimmett
Beth ShoulerBeth Shouler
Bethany PittsBethany Pitts
Bill WrightBill Wright
Bobby BrookBobby Brook
Bradley LeechBradley Leech
Bridgitta RoyBridgitta Roy
Caitlin McLeodCaitlin McLeod
Caitlin SkinnerCaitlin Skinner
Caitriona ShoobridgeCaitriona Shoobridge
Catherine PaskellCatherine Paskell
Charissa MartinkauppiCharissa Martinkauppi
Charlie MortimerCharlie Mortimer
Charlotte ConquestCharlotte Conquest
Charlotte VickersCharlotte Vickers
Chelsea WalkerChelsea Walker
Chloe DohertyChloe Doherty
Chloe FranceChloe France